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A Study of Assessments of Children’s Physiological Development

Implications for learning

Charlotte Davies

Year of posting: 2014


Charlotte Davies, Consultant and Director, Fit 2 Learn CIC,

Daleen Smith, Consultant and Director, Fit 2 Learn CIC,

May 2014

A Study of Assessments of Children’s Physiological Development: implications for learning 


Between December 2013 and May 2014, Fit 2 Learn carried out assessments of 76 children in three schools in order to determine individual levels of physical and cognitive development. This paper describes the findings of those assessments.

The assessments consisted of a variety of exercises to test students’ gross motor skills, mid-line crossing and cognitive skills.

74 of the children were selected by their schools because they were having learning difficulties and were potential participants in the Fit 2 Learn school programme.

One school was asked to select an additional two children that they considered to be progressing well, in order to provide a contrast with the rest of the cohort and to help with staff training.

The assessments revealed that:

Assessments are important because:

Fit 2 Learn is now running 12-month pilot programmes in three schools. The aims of these pilots are to:


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Link to the full paper:

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