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Looking for schools who want to use web based video to reflect on practice and raise pupil achievement

MirandaNet Fellows have been working with Graham Newell at IRIS Connect on a small pilot study on web-based video. Evidence is emerging on how this kind of system can have an impact on the effectiveness of professional development programmes and n pupil achievement.

Impressive results were observed by teachers themselves in the following key areas: a sense efficacy; confidence; professional collaboration; sharing; developing professional capital through communities of practice. Most importantly, the teachers were expressing, almost unanimously, pride in taking ownership of their own learning agenda.

In addition, evidence appears, even in these early stages, showing that half of these professionals already perceive that the improvements in their own professional practice are having some impact on their pupils’ performance and behaviour. These results provide valuable evidence for school to consider if they want to improve the quality of teaching, raise standards and utilise pupil premium effectively.

Overall, there are high levels of agreement amongst the ninety-nine teachers who have used this web-based video over a month for improving their own practice and performance. This level of agreement suggests that this innovative video tool should be considered for use in school based professional development programmes where ever possible and appropriate.

We are interested in applications for volunteers for a second stage of research. In this stage we will analyse the questionnaire data in more depth and triangulate these perceptions with other measures. The aim of this second stage will be to look more deeply into the potential of the IRIS Connect intervention to improve pupil achievement. It will investigate in depth the practices in schools where improvements are already measureable in the areas of SEN, Inclusion and overall behaviour.

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