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Roger Turner, LightSpeedRoger Turner, LightSpeed, a MirandaNet Fellow, is looking for schools to do some action research into collaborative small group learning using the new Flexcat audio distribution system. This new system, the Flexcat, is designed to complement rather than replace the Redcat. The RedCat system has been used at all MirandaNet events in the UK over the last two years with great success.

Roger says, “I am now looking for a couple of secondary school teachers and one primary school Y6 teacher (yourself or someone you know) who are highly experienced in and regularly organise small group collaborative learning who would be interested in trialling a prototype Flexcat for a four week period during this coming half term and in providing detailed evidence of the Flexcat’s effectiveness and impact on student performance. This pilot will be supported by Professors Christina Preston and Marilyn Leask and will be a precursor to a more in-depth action research study that will take place in 2014-15 once the Flexcat design has been finalised.”

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