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MirandaNet members are often innovators experimenting with ways in which digital technologies can enhance teaching and learning. Flipping the Classroom is an innovative practice that has been in the news recently because technology is used to promote a fundamental change in the role of the teacher and their relationship with their students. But is this realistic? Can schools really do attempt this? or has this been happening all the time and we have not found a term for it until now? Is there any reliable research that confirms that this bottom up approach works? Can the technique be employed without student ownership of the technology? Are teacher educators teaching this new method of engaging pupils?

David Fuller, Tablet Academy, and Christina Preston have many questions about this learning strategy and we are looking for schools that are practising Flipped Classroom techniques to help us answer them. In this scenario teachers will not be using the lesson to teach the facts, but to reinforce what pupils have learnt in well planned homework activities on a new topic. This means that the topic is not introduced by the teacher but by the students who have actively investigated resources on the subject suggested by the teacher. So instead of starting new topics in school the classrooom becomes the place where pupils do individual reinforcement tasks as well as debating and discussing what they already know. This approach also enables challenge based learning.

Some teachers using Flipped Classroom methods employ selected video-based content for delivery of primary teaching elements, consumed by the pupils at their own pace. The direct contact element in class is used to reinforce learning with teacher-led shared worked examples. Pupils engage in cognitive activities to reinforce learning content, which can be content creation or games-based activities.

Please send David Fuller your stories and examples of this kind of Flipped Classroom activity: also what pitfalls we need to be made aware of. We are particularly interested in hearing from schools where they have used tablets in a strategic way to Flip the Classroom at all levels. Your suggestions will win you a chance to join the pilot as well as a mention an article about MirandaNet views.

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