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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Learning Theory and e-pedagogy

John Cuthell

Year of posting: 2005


Conventional Pedagogy

Conventional pedagogical practices focus on the means and ends of delivery, with the emphasis on content management and information transmission. The role of classroom management is to produce an environment that facilitates the process of knowledge building.

Current approaches to ways in which people learn can be classified as: Constructivism; Behaviourism; Developmental Theory; Neuroscience; Brain-based Learning; Learning Styles; Multiple Intelligences; Right Brain/Left Brain Thinking; Communities of Practice; Control Theory and Problem-Based Learning. In practice, however, there is a degree of commonality between many of these categories.

Despite this diversity, praxis within British schools has focused on content, rather than process. What theoretical bases can be found are often simplified variants of Constructivism and Developmental Theory.

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