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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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The Past: O brave new world

The birth of an e-community : 1955-1991

Christina Preston

Year of posting: 2006


In this reflexive study, the author, Christina Preston, investigates the history of the socio-cultural artefact called the MirandaNet Fellowship, an e-community which she established in 1992. This paper is an experiment in research methodology which draws on Adler and Adlers' term, ‘complete-member researcher' study. This autobiographical genre of writing and research is used experimentally to uncover some of the multiple layers of consciousness that connect the personal to socio-cultural artefacts. In this ‘complete-member' research strategy the researchers are usually fully committed to and immersed in the groups they are investigating. However, this self-questioning auto-ethnographical research differs in one respect from the Adler and Adler formula, because it is conducted by the founder of this professional organization rather than subsequent members. The author also describes herself as a learner, a researcher and a teacher in the e-community - a range of complex overlapping roles enjoyed by the other members as well.


Please download the full 21 page Word document and add your review comments using the appropriate Peer Review or Reflection links.

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