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Plagiarism and its Prevention

Tackling Plagiarism in the Early Secondary Years

Ray Le Couteur

Year of posting: 2006


Plagiarism appears to be an increasing problem as more and more students at secondary school and university are reportedly caught cheating on assignments, often using the internet. However, it is unlikely that plagiarism starts with these formal assignments – much more likely in the early years of secondary school or even at primary school. If our younger students are habitually copying and pasting material from the internet and presenting it as their own, then they are likely to be learning very little and are developing research habits which will damage their prospects in the future. This research looks at the incidence of plagiarism in the early years of secondary school - at its prevalence and causes; and also at strategies that might be adopted by teachers and schools to minimise it.


plagiarism, information literacy, ict, research,

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