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Mapping the syllabus

Multimodal digital mapping tools

Wilma Clark

Year of posting: 2007


This article focuses on an exploratory study on the use of digital mind mapping tools in a secondary ICT classroom in the UK. It uses a multimodal lens to examine students' meaning making practices as they engage with, and seek to map out, the ICT syllabus. In the analysis of data generated by the study, I consider the concept of the classroom as a multimodal learning space characterized by the overlap and dynamic interactivity of cognitive, physical and virtual environments. In so doing, I seek to show how students negotiate meanings across formal (syllabus) and informal (peer-supported) contexts. I describe ways in which this negotiation of meaning across multiple contexts facilitates and reshapes students' understandings of syllabus content. I go on to discuss the wider implications of these findings for technology-mediated learning in educational contexts, with a particular focus on the motivational and functional potential of digital mapping technologies in the classroom.


multimodal digital mapping tools


The full article has been published in Reflecting Education.


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