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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Exploiting ICT to improve Parental Engagement

Value driven improvement and efficiency

Simon Shaw

Year of posting: 2011


Investment in new technology is expensive and “technology led” change does not always lead to more effective practice. In fact it is difficult to show measurable gain in performance or a quantifiable return on the investment. However, once key technology enablers are in place - such as sufficient levels of school and home access and familiarity with the internet and devices - then significant benefit and efficiencies can be gained by schools utilising technology to improve educational outcomes.

The rapid adoption of ICT to improve communication between parents and schools in England is used as an illustrative example of a “value proposition”. The example shows how the availability of technology and a campaign to communicate a set of expectations and educational benefits have led to step changes to both parental engagement and efficiency measures.

More needs to be done to research and disseminate the “value drivers” – such as parental engagement – that can lead to better exploitation of technology when “tipping points” in the availability and use of ICT are reached.  Clearly communicated expectations and exemplar practice can provide a “nudge” that enables schools to overcome perceived barriers and lead to improved practice, changed behaviours, greater efficiency and ultimately enhanced children’s learning.


The full case study, with numerous charts and tables, can be downloaded in PDF format using the link.

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