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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Teachers talking to Teachers

Castle View School,  Sunderland

Phillippa Jardine

Year of posting: 2004


My case study is to set up a simple discussion forum for members of the Teaching and Learning Group. I hope to establish an online community within the group that could extend in the future to encompass the whole school. The forum is a Microsoft Word Document located on the Schools computer network. The file has restricted access only to the Teaching and Learning group and the Head teacher. I plan to analyse the transcripts of the forum over a 6-week half term. I have asked all members to try to contribute at least once per week. I hope that once the forum is up and running they will post more often. Analysis I intend to · map interactions within the forum to identify threads · record the number of log ins from each member · record the number of threads · analyse the results to determine gender and or age bias as well as whether length of service as a teacher or level of seniority in the school affect participation rates and patterns. ·Facilitate the discussion by regularly adding new threads to promote a wide range of topics.


discussion, forum, teaching and learning

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