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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Developing of E-Teaching/Learning Resources

Using Power Point presentations to facilitate teaching/learning

Katya Toneva

Year of posting: 2005


The project is aimed to introduce and evaluate the development and use of e-teaching/learning resources based on Power Point Presentations. One example of Power Point Presentations for studing the IF function in Excel will be developed and applied into my teaching practice with a group of Sixth Form College students. Some evaluation based on the teacher's observations on using that resources will be made.


e-teaching, e-learning, teaching learning resources, presentations, evaluation


I have taught ICT many years. I have used Power Point Presentations in my professional practice to facilitate the teaching/learning process. In particular, I have found that most of the students understand and remember easier if they are given visualised information (images, graphics, animations, special effects) to confirm the facts or knowledge. In my professional opinion teaching Functions in Excel is an appropriate area to be assisted by using Power Point presentations to help students to understand the main concepts and procedures.

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