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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Supply teachers and e-learning process

Why are supply teachers not involved in e-learning?

Anna Pleshakova

Year of posting: 2005


I have been working as a supply teacher during a year and have had some experience of e-teaching particularly covering ICT lessons. But I also noticed that supply teachers in general are very very rarely involved in e-teaching or e-learning. I think there exists a number of reasons why. The supply teachers I was speaking with about e-learning told me that they have no idea about how they could be involved in e-learning process in schools and about opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge of ICT or they simply don't want to do it. So I am going to explore the reasons why supply teachers are not involved in e-learning. What is Government doing to help them? And what are the possible strategies of supporting supply teachers in terms of e-learning? The pilot survey helped me to find out that supply teachers in secondary schools are not involved in e-learning process. It seems to be one of the drawbacks of the educational system in this sector. So my research is devoted to analysing this problem, to find out and describe the obstacles in using e-learning methods which supply teachers meet in their practice and to see what is the government policies towards supply teaching and e-learning in secondary schools.


supply teachers, e-learning

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