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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

MirandaNet Fellowship Profiles (MirandaNet Archive - as of March 2015)

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Aysha Siddiqui

Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects

Personal Statement

I have been teaching English at  Beaconhouse School System for several years. I have mostly taught senior and middle school students and am currently enrolled on the CIE Diploma in Teaching with ICT programme. I have been on many in service professional development courses but with DTWICT I have the opportunity to connect all my learning with technology and that has made teaching quite an adventure.I am working on Module three of this course and am finding it not just challenging but also very interesting. I just completed a survey on the use of ICT in my school and have found really surprising results There are so many young teachers who work so efficiently with technology but have little knowledge about how to use it with their students for a more meaningful learning experience. On the other hand there are teachers who have excellent teaching skills yet are fearful of bringing technology into the classroom. As an ETAC Ambassador I feel I should bring the two groups together and develop each others' skills to benefit our students.I also think it is very important that teacher's be trained to develop basic IT skills to help them understand ICT's true potential in raising the academic standards of the school. It is important to evaluate all ICT lessons and compare them with work that is going on in this field in other countries particularly the more advanced ones in order to keep the use of technology up to date.

ICT Interests

My current interest in ICT is to find out how it impacts the process of learning and teaching. I have been doing surveys in my school to find out what ICT resources are available and in what way their use can benefit the teachers and students. I am also trying to see where ICT can fit in with the topics that are being taught so that in future a better ICT policy can be formed and the changes that need to made in the schemes of work can be efficiently made. 

My experience of working with ICT has been both challenging and frustrating. It took me time to understand when and when not to use ICT and when not to follow the bandwagon even if temptation has been strong.

Recent Projects

As a candidate at DTWICT  I have had the opportunity to try out a variety of technologies in the classroom that have helped me introduce students and teachers to ways in which technology can be used to improve and enhance learning. e.g. my students have made movies for recounting events, making documentaries and for recording school events. They have made podcasts on various topics and are consistently contributing on discussions and publishing their work on their class social network. A variety of websites are being used to play online games for Math and to develop science concepts. I have just finished with a service learning project initiated by iEARN and found it extremely profitable for my students.

No, I do not have any projects on Mirandanet's eJournal though I would love to.

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