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Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Simon Shaw



Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects

Personal Statement

As a pupil Simon Shaw was an original “micro-kid” in the early 80’s, using a BBC computer to write educational software for use in school. His interest in developing applications and systems that enhance learning, teaching and management has stayed with him throughout his career. His experience within education includes teaching Physics, Chemistry, Science, Technology, ICT, Mathematics, Music and Outdoor Activities as well as being ICT coordinator at a specialist language college and developing a whole school pupil tracking and reporting system.

Simon was Head of Institutional Management at Becta. During his 9 years at Becta his roles included: managing research into Total Cost of Ownership, leading the ICT Test Bed Project, developing the ICT Mark Accreditation scheme and managing the initiative for improving Parental Engagement through Online Reporting. Research has been a key aspect of each of these roles, respectively: managing research directly, disseminating the outcomes of teacher led action research, developing evidence based assessment methodologies and performing secondary analysis of harnessing technology data to demonstrate improved efficiencies through ICT enabled practice.

Simon is currently interested in the contribution that practice based research can make to creating “value propositions” for the use of ICT within education. In particular where new models of practice, afforded by the use of technology, can be shown to have an have an impact on the quality of the learning experience, the capabilities of teachers and the overall efficiency of schools.

ICT Interests

My own ICT interests focus on three key areas:

1) Classroom technology - how technology deployed within a school classroom environment can enhance learning, how learning is managed and the quality of interactions between educators and learners. In particular the use of classroom display devices, the technology used to interact with displays, use of "visualisers", video conferencing, interactive response/voting systems and pupil use of web-enabled devices.

Experiences include: Being ICT coordinator in the first UK school to be sponsored by Intel for developing video conferencing. Capturing and disseminating the classroom practice from the ICT Test Bed project. Working with ICT Mark schools and Advocate schools to develop exemplars of practice.

2) e-Learning online environments - that offer learners high quality, pedagogically driven, content in a personalised context with access to support and collaboration facilities. Increasingly e-Learning platforms are incoporating functionality associated with "Web 2.0" and social networking tools.

Experiences include: Developing a virtual learning environment as part of a Becta accredited NGfL Managed Service. Writing functional specifications for the procurement of virtual learning environments and learning platforms. Supporting the development and adoption of learning platforms as part fo the ICT Test Bed project.

3) Systems for managing and sharing information - Empowering teachers, learners, managers and parents to access, and share, timely and meaningful information about children's learning, development and wellbeing. In particular the re-engineering of processes, establishing robust but flexible data architectures, understanding the trust relationships and security requirements between actors, defining interoperability and integration needs and improving the functionality and usability of end user systems.

Experiences include: Developing sophisticated monitoring and reporting database system to provide; IEPs, SEN tracking, termly highlight reports for all pupils, computer assisted progress comment and report writing. Integrating curriculum systems with SIMS as Business Development Manager at Capita. Participation in the SIF association. Consulting with suppliers to ensure availability of Online reporting functionality for schools. Developing the Information Management Strategy Framework.

Recent Projects

My most recent work of significance has been leading Becta's school support for the Parental Engagement and Online Reporting expectations for parents.

Improving Parental Engagement remains a priority for all schools and there is still much that schools can achieve by making better use of the ICT that is available to them and parents.

In a consultancy and advisory capacity I am continuing to disseminate the research and evidence of practice gathered as part of the Becta programme and working with schools to make use of tools such as the Becta Parental Engagment Toolkits and Online Reporting Framework.

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