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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Haldor Lønningdal


Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects | Publications

Personal Statement

My name is Haldor Lønningdal, and I am a teacher, editor and producer within my own company, IKT Forlaget, Stavanger, Norway. I am also a painter and musician (classical guitar). My site (Norwegian, but use Google Translate)

After 20 years with teaching and 10 years in radio and TV I studied ICT in learning, University of Stavanger, and Creative Web design, at the University of Bergen. 4 years ago I joined a project sponsored by Innovation Norway (Government) and started to develop digital tools and projects for teachers in Norway. Mostly video tutorials. In 2009 I got economical support from Inn. Norway to work on developing the digital school book. Last fall I presented 2 issues, 5-7th grade,Subsea, and 8-10th grade, Energy. Energy was produced in English as well. Digital booklets with basic text, images, videos, web links, tasks and tutorials, printable, and with an auditory version as well for poorer readers and students from a different language culture.

IKT Forlaget has more than 300 video tutorials in various basic programs like Word/Writer etc on the web, for free use, both in Norwegian and English. Now we have started to produce apps for the iPad as well, and by mid June 2011 we hope to have about 80 tutorials / 12 apps available for a minimum fee of 1$ each.

We produce most of our products "in house", and have high quality tools ref computer capacity, software and video and music production. I am a private member of ECIS (International Schools) and have also started to cooperate with other people and organizations to get help in having my products and way of thinking tested out. I believe this is the biggest challenge overall; have the teachers make room for new ways of working and thinking when they plan the school year for their students. Not only the curriculum. We need more flexibility.

ICT Interests

ICT has made ​​it possible for me to be in a constant learning process, where questions that arise can be answered / you can find the solution on the Internet, and even alternative answers. This experience is something I like to share with both my colleagues and my students - this ability to constantly feel updated and in a perpetual learning process. And to meet other like-minded people online, and both share and take part in their experiences. This adds an extra dimension. Personally, I like to work with music, photo and video, and to create digital theme issues that are cross-subject, and that challenges on the individual level. Trigger the curiosity. 

Recent Projects

I have developed the digital theme issue, and prepared the model which should enable others to produce content.  It's more a way of thinking than technical understanding. 

The challange is often the various technical platforms, but today I use Flash for PC/Mac, and H264 for the iPad. But, the more the students use the WWW it stresses the local WiFi, and I believe that downloadable apps for iPod/iPad or PDF document, with most resurces embedded, is a solution that secures the access for the user.

My last project was introducing the spreadsheet to the 2.graders (7 year olds) in Stavanger, 10 lessons over 5 weeks. Project Here.



My latest publication: Video tutorials step by step videoediting in VideoPad.

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