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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

MirandaNet Fellowship Profiles (MirandaNet Archive - as of March 2015)

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Solomon Lubwama

Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Information Technology in the form of communication is vital. I particularly find interest when information technology is used to deliver knowledge & education resource limited settings. My main career objectives are
1. To work with an organization committed to creating a better future in world, by implementing and sponsoring communications technology solutions to accelerate education, employment and empowerment of those around us.

2. Implement technological approaches to subject material. Research educational resources on the Internet. Assist with information retrieval.

I have a healthy interest with the Internet and the World Wide Web, multimedia technology and design caters for this. Multimedia stimulates more than one sense at a time and in doing so, may be more attention-getting and attention-holding. I love creating something that grabs peoples' attention. Information technology plays an increasingly important role in health education - in the form of obtaining and decimating vital information to the right people i.e. health practitioners and educators.

I attend gym every week and find it enjoying and challenging to push myself to the limit for mental and physical gain.I particularly enjoy listening to music and find more appreciation in learning about the science of music. I enjoy reading works by philosophical authors including Marcus Aurelius, Napoleon Hill, Machiavelli.

ICT has developed tremendously over the last two decades, and as a result I have a keen interest in these changes and would like to be a part of them. ICT was not my first degree. I completed my first degree in Mechanical Engineering from Makerere University, Uganda in 2000.My interest in Robotics and Autonomous Systems led me to the interesting field of information technology. Between 2004 and 2007, I went to India and studied 2 masters programmes i.e. Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT) from Sikimm Manipal University and Master of Technology in Engineering Management (MTECH) from Manipal University. I also obtained a diploma in Computer Aided Designing majoring in Pro/ENGINEER software from the CADD center in India.

I am a hard working individual and currently work at a Project managed by Makerere University as Project coordinator. The main objective of the project focus on the following three areas;

1.Improve the quality and relevance of medical education and service training in Uganda.
2.Providing incentives and support to faculty and students to undertake locally driven trans-disciplinary research on topics relevant to Uganda
3.Facilitate efficient conduct of education to increase number of HWs trained and research through support systems capacity building

Tasks as a project coodinator generally include:

This position has allowed me to develop and gain the following skills and experience;

Some of the work I have developed can be viewed here

My research interests lie in the following areas;

It is a great honor and pleasure of mine to share this with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read through.

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