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Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Avril Loveless

Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects | Publications

Personal Statement

My experience in education has included being a primary classroom teacher, an advisory teacher, a teacher educator and researcher. The themes that have motivated me over the last 20 years have been related to equity and creativity in our learning and teaching experiences.

ICT Interests

My particular interests include the use of ICTs for creativity and communication, not just consuming and collecting information. These themes are developed in my work in 'professional knowledge' as it relates to teachers' use of ICT and the development of relevant ICT capability, particularly in terms of the influences of culture, subject knowledge and pedagogy. I have also been actively involved in the Association for IT in Teacher Education for many years

Recent Projects

Longitudinal research in Primary school on 'professional knowledge' with ICT Evaluation of LEA Portables for Teachers Project Evaluation of 'Art on the Net' - 5 artists working in secondary schools using digital technologies Research in 'Access' Project - collaboration between teachers, children and artist in primary schools using digital technologies.


(in development) Loveless A. & Dore, B. ICT in the Primary School: Changes and Challenges Open University Press

Loveless, A & Ellis, V. (eds) (2001) ICT, Pedagogy & the Curriculum: Subject to Change London:Routledge

(forthcoming 2000) Where do you stand to get a good view of pedagogy? Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 8, 4

Loveless, A. (2000) Introduction in Sharpe, J., Potter, J., Allen J. and Loveless, A. Primary ICT: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice. London:Learning Matters

DeVoogd, G.L. Loveless, A.M. & Yelland, N (2000) The search for the revolutionary power of critical pedagogy: Issues of ideology, power and culture in technology teacher education Proceedings of SITE 2000, 11th International Conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, San Diego, USA, February 2000

Loveless, A with Taylor T. (2000) Creativity, Visual Literacy & ICT in Leask, M & Meadows, J. (eds) (2000) Teaching and Learning with ICT in the Primary School London:Routledge pp65 – 80 ISBN 0-415-21505-6

Cullimore, D. & Loveless, A (2000) The Use of Video-Conferencing to Support Mentorship in Bourner, T., Katz, T., & Watson, D. (eds) (2000) New Directions in Professional Higher Education Buckingham:Open University Press ISBN 0-335-20614 X PB 0335 20615 8 HB

Loveless, A. (1999), A Digital Big Breakfast: The Glebe School Project in Sefton-Green,J. (ed) (1999) Young people, creativity and new technology: the challenge of digital arts London:Routledge

Trend, R., Davis, N. & Loveless, A. (1999) Information and Communications Technology London:Letts

Loveless, A. & Longman, D., (1998) Information Literacy: Innuendo or Insight?, Education and Information Technologies, Volume 13, Number 1, pp 27 – 40

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