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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Jiri Sulovsky


Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects

Personal Statement

I work as senior ICT advisor at Gymnasium F.X.Saldy in Liberec, and as an advisor for the Children TV ( Further I am involved in Centrum Kaspar, which is supporting mothers on maternity leave to increase their ICT literacy, so they are able to retur to their job.

ICT Interests

Working with computers for 21 years (since I was 8 years old), from which 9 years in educational sphere. I am Microsoft Certified Professional, have experience with administering Linux systems, with live media broadcast and developping web content.

Recent Projects

The aim of Majaky Project is to provide long-term hospitalized children with education and entertainment through Internet. Specialized WWW site and implemented programs will support the communication of children inside hospitals participating in the project, as well as with "outside" world, and help destroying barriers created by illness or disability. Project Majaky is intended as a long-term project started in October 1999. Since 1999 it interconnected 6 hospitals and 2 hospices with children care, reaching thus about 500 children aged 4 to 18. The Project will eventually provide help to more than 1000 ill children all over the Czech Republic. The children can on the web ( or (after a simple registration) write their own newspaper, read fairy tales and also prepare them for other children, talk in “chat”, send congratulations. They can create their own clubs, play a some games – even on-line, with their playmate in another town or at another computer. Entering the Lighthouses they automatically obtain their own mailbox and e-mail address, based on the nickname they chose. They are also advised rules (against pirates) to keep in mind. Supporting new technology: Because the project involves also children aged 4-6, who are not able to read and write properly, we want to implement multimedia content, which will include both text and audio, where possible. For this purpose we use streaming media – Windows Media Technologies connected with a special children-friendly web-front-end. Edutainment: Having in mind the problematic situation of disabled and ill children, we believe that the best way forward is to combine education with entertainment. Motivation will be pursued by competitive games or contests.

We prepared “interactivities” which will, hopefully, edutain them and provide the challenge of exploring new things (starting with the Internet, which most of them have never seen before), learning through games (J.A.Komensky, 16th century, Czech teacher’s teacher) is the easiest way to get them learn Objective: Using ICT (information and communication technology) in hospitals, we want to provide new possibilities of interactive communication and education for children. In this way we will build bridges between disabled and healthy children.

Communication with the "normal" world is always a challenge for the disabled. Our aim is that they will be able to escape the pain and isolation they instantly feel in their hospital room. They will have an opportunity to join the community, using these bridges. Creating a unified Internet-based environment, we will give a chance to everyone to take his/her part in a virtual Majáky. Majáky contain edutainment activities, games, communication tools (chat, discussion boards, e-zine etc.), which should help the hospitalized children forget their problems, and extend their knowledge.

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