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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Nik Peachey


Personal Statement | ICT Details | Publications

Personal Statement

My name is Nik Peachey. I work as a freelance learning technology consultant, trainer, content designer. My specialist area is technologies to support language development. I have previously worked for the British Council on their websites for teachers and managed the BBC | British Council's Teaching English website, growing its user base from 25,000 visitors a month to 220,000 visitors.

At present I am designing Business English language courses to run in Second Life. I'm also involved in podcast and interactive whiteboard training.

ICT Interests

I'm particularly interested in developing learning within 3D virtual environments and gaming environments.


Ways to use the face2face CD-ROMs: Cambridge University Press 02/2006.
This is a teachers guide that I authored. It has tips and exercises to help teachers exploit the CD-ROMs which accompany the face2face course books. The tips are designed to help teachers use the CD-ROMs in class, and to guide their students to use the CDs as a self-study tool.

British Council Global Village 04/2003 – 06/2003
Materials Writer / contributor. Responsible for the writing of content for articles and design of interactive activities for the global village online learning environment.

British Council LearnEnglish 02/2003 – 04/2003
Materials Writer / contributor. Responsible for the writing of content for magazine articles and design of interactive activities for

British Council / BBC In2english 08/2002 – 02/2003
Consultant & Materials Writer. Responsible for the development of content for the In2english web site. This site is aimed at Chinese state school teachers and supplies training and language development materials.

Longman / Pearson Education U.S. Azar UUEG CD-ROM 08/2002 – 03/2003
Materials Writer. Responsible for the timely delivery of content based on strict guidelines for the Azar Upper-intermediate Grammar interactive CD-ROM.

British Council Athens Network English 3 CD-ROM Project 02/2001 – 02/2002
Level Co-ordinator (Advanced) Responsible for the editing, development of content, line management, support and on going training of a team of four writers. Also syllabus design and development.

British Council Rabat Pre-DELTA Course 10/01 – 11/01
Responsible for the design and delivery of a special course for British Council Teachers

International House Barcelona 2000
Technology in ELT. Responsible for the design and delivery of a special course on technology in ELT for Spanish State School Teachers

British Council Tunis English & Current Affairs 1998
Responsible for the design and delivery of a special course for high level staff from the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A Sense of humour 10/2005

Conveying meaning 06/2005

Listening to body language 06/2005

Concordancers in ELT 04/2005

Learner Diaries 08/2004

A Process Approach to Writing Using Word Processors 02/2004
IATEFL Comp SIG Magazine October, 2004

Multimedia Design on the Cheap 10/2004
IATEFL Comp SIG Magazine October, 2004. Not available online

Making listening an authentic experience 11/2003

A framework for planning a listening lesson 11/2003

Content based instruction 08/2003

Integrating the Internet into pre-service training 06/2000
IATEFL Comp SIG Magazine, July 2000. Not available online

Food flashcards 05/2006

Discussion wheels 06/2004

People rooms lives 05/2006

Postcards 10/2005

Note writing 10/2005

A creative writing activity: A dark and stormy night 10/2005

Crime scene 05/2004

Word grid 02/2003

Action Research - Stop, Start, Continue 01/2003

Lesson plan: A night out in Newcastle 09/2005

Lesson plan: A Quiz for Xmas 12/2003

Lesson plan: Telling a Story 10/2003

Lesson Plan: The Inca 08/2003

Lesson plan: A news report 07/2003

Lesson plan:A car that runs on air 07/2003

The Oasis of Siwa 03/2003

Flea circuses 03/2003

Girls' Games 03/2003

Surfing 03/2003

Viral marketing 03/2003

Review of EASE (Essential Academic Skills in English) Volume 1: Listening to Lectures
The Reading Matrix Vol. 3, No. 3, November 2003

Review of a free Virtual Learning Environment: "The Nicenet Internet Classroom Assistant," Nexus: A Journal for Teachers in Development. November 2000

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