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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

MirandaNet Fellowship Profiles (MirandaNet Archive - as of March 2015)

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Drew Buddie

Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects | Case Histories | Publications

Personal Statement

Although I started teaching Biology in my first post in 1987, I had a yearning to teach the other subject I had been trained to teach - Computer Studies (as it was then). The main stimulus to this was becoming fed up teaching Pig Husbandry to Year 11 City and Guilds Rural Science students! My first 2 ICT Co-ordinator posts were short term and involved covering maternity leave and long term illnesses. Nonetheless these posts taught me a great deal and were character building in more ways than one. I have since been a permanent ICT Co-ordinator in 2 schools for a total of 13 years. My current position is as ICT Co-ordinator at a private girls’ boarding school in Hertfordshire. I remember the days of using BBC Micros and Acorn computers very fondly, and I believe my background in using these platforms has made me the well-rounded ICT Co-ordinator I believe myself to be.

ICT Interests

I have been deeply involved in the early use of Digital Video in education, having been one of the original Becta DV pilot schools. I make use of DV in my personal life and feel that this exciting technology has given me a new lease of life as far as my subject is concerned. I evaluate software for TEEM and feel honoured to b a member of such a wonderful organisation that does so much to support the work of other teachers around the country. I have been involved in a range of Becta projects including being the member of several Focus Groups, being one of the first ‘experts’ on their ICT Advice ‘Ask the Expert’ web site and of course, being a member of the DV pilot.

Recent Projects

I am currently working with CARET at Cambridge University to produce a handbook for their innovative ‘Brainteasers and Puzzles’ web resources. I recently completed a BPRS with the support of Kings College London, in which I investigated issues of Internet Safety in Schools. I have played a role in a QCA project to produce a Rules Base for ICT Assessment at KS3, and I am now a member of the team which is actively involved in the extremely exciting QCA ICT Online Assessment project. I have also used for a range of projects across all year groups in my school, and I hope to implement its use across the curriculum in the coming year.

Case Histories




My many software and website evaluations are highly regarded and appear on the TEEM website. I believe that my BPRS Level 2 report resides on the BPRS website, but I have had difficulty accessing the site. I have had several articles published in Educational ICT magazines within the past few years.

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