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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Neil Athey


Personal Statement | ICT Details | Case Histories

Personal Statement

After 16 years as a teacher of mathematics my practical, electronics and computing interests took me in the Design Technology direction. My extra-curricular interests include mountaineering and sailing in addition to car-mechanics and house renovation. I taught in the Northumberland LEA through the 70s and since 1981 have been at Haileybury, an independent boarding school in Hertfordshire.

Neil AtheyApart from working with a pupil-built logic machine in the sixth form, my first affair with computing was on the PCGE course at The Centre for Science Education where one of the tutors was Margaret Cox.

It was there that Bob Lewis re-introduced me to computing and re-awakened my interest in mountaineering.

Many years when I reached 40, my daughter joined the Sea Scouts and I was introduced to sailing, yet another pastime for me to become a Jack Tar of. These activities have been part of my teaching life ever since.

I had taught in maintained schools in the South and the North for ten years before coming to (independent) Haileybury in 1981. The first seven years I spent as a mathematician and then took on the job of introducing design and technology into the school.

My computing and mathematics interests prepared me for the theoretical aspects whilst a young-adulthood mis-spent taking cars to bits and rebuilding a house, helped with the practical side.

Another seven years later I was asked to move Haileybury's ICT forward into the 21st Century.

On the one hand I am never happier than when operating with a traditional compass and a mechanical watch far from modern technology; on the other hand keeping up with the latest computing changes and handling state of the art computing power enthuses me also. I seem to thrive on the mix of ancient and modern.

ICT Interests

Like many mathematics teachers of the time my career has progressed through punch-cards and remote main-frames through early micro-computers to the fibre and wireless networks of today. I now find myself in overall charge of a 250 station NT network at Haileybury. School Database work has been a particular interest over the last 15years. There was a time when Haileybury used mostly Apples/Macs but for the last few years we have been mainly Windows based. We have an extensive NT network. We have run a leasing scheme for some time and are looking to extend the use of laptops through wireless networking.

Case Histories

See My study on the Compaq Education site (Link removed by editor as the Compaq Site has been completely altered after merger with HP) 

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