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Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Miles Berry



Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects | Publications

Personal Statement

Miles Berry

I’m senior lecturer in ICT at Roehampton University. I teach initial teacher training courses as part of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as tutoring students on school placements and masters students. My principal research focus is children’s learning through the web. Other professional interests include knowledge management in education, use of open source software and principles in schools, provision for the gifted and talented and independent learning. I’m also the community manager for the Becta supported Open Source Schools project.

I’m a chartered fellow of the Brtish Computer Society, and am a member of its Education and Training Expert Panel and e-learning specialist group. I’m also a fellow of the RSA, Mirandanet and Naace, serving on the latter’s board of management. I’m a member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Until recently, I was head of Alton Convent Prep. In my former post as deputy head of St Ives School, Haslemere, I pioneered the use of Moodle and Elgg in primary education. My work on implementing Moodle was documented as the dissertation for Leicester University’s MBA in Educational Management, and won the 2006 Becta ICT in Practice Award for primary teaching. Other interests include classical music, creative cookery and photography.

I tweet and have an intermittent blog.

ICT Interests

Recent Projects


(January 2010 Open Source Programming Tools, panel presentation at BETT 2010 for Open Source Schools)
(October 2009 Learning: journeys, environments and networks. Keynote presentation and seminar for COBIS, Madrid)
(October 2009 Open source principles in educational practice. Keynote presentation to Open Source Schools Local Authority Seminar)
July 2009 Draft of BCS Response to QCDA consultation on Rose recommendations.
July 2009 Scratch programming in primary education, Open Source Schools Unconference
July 2009 ICT and the New Curriculum, Keynote presentation, West Berkshire ICT
July 2009 Open Source in Schools, presentation to UKUUG OpenTech 2009 conference
May 2009 Briefing on Open Source Schools for Becta Strategic Technologies Directorate
April 2009 What are kids learning when their teachers aren’t looking? Presentation for Plymouth E-Learning conference
April 2009 Open Source Implementation in Schools, Guardian conference on Open Source in the Public Sector
April 2009 Informal Learning and Moodle, presentation for UK Moodle Moot.
January 2009 Informal Learning and Moodle, presentation for Bradford Moodle Conference. Slides online.
January 2009 What are they learning whilst you’re not looking, presentation with Terry Freedman for BCS at BETT 2009. Slides and audio online.
January 2009 Open source software in schools, presentation for AlphaPlus Consultancy at BETT 2009. Video online.
December 2008 Open source software in schools, presentation at Elgg Conference 2008. Slides online.
November 2008 Commissioned article, Splitting images (dynamic geometry with a projector), for TES Magazine, 14/11/08
November 2008 Keynote presentation, Personal Learning Journeys, for Islington heads group. Slides online.
October 2008 Emerging technologies in global communication: using appreciative inquiry to improve the preparation of school administrators, with Raymond L Calabrese and others, International Journal of Educational Management, 22:7, pp696-709
Oct 08 Leadertalk post, The science of teaching
Oct 08 Commissioned article, Pressing the right buttons (personal productivity tools for teachers), TES Magazine 10/10/08
Oct 08 Commissioned article, Creative clicking (webserver applications), TES Magazine, 3/10/08
Sept 08 Leadertalk post, The art of teaching
June 08 Commissioned article, Working Progress (real time collaborative text editing), for TES Magazine (6/6/08)
Feb 08 Keynote presentation for Bradford Moodle Moot on learning journeys and learning landscapes. Slides online.
Jan 08 Presentation with Terry Freedman for NAACE at BETT 2008 on Personalised Learning through Technology. Slides and audio online
Nov 07 Wikis for homework, contribution to co-authored paper and panel presentation, Appreciative Inquiry and Global Collaboration, chaired by Ray Calabrese for UCEA
Nov 07 Training day for Great Barr School, Birmingham on e-learning. Slides for National and International Contexts/a> and Learning Journeys and Learning Environments presentations online.
Oct 07 Presentation for MoodleMoot 07 on Moodle and knowledge management. Slides and audio online
Sept 07 Commissioned article, Bringing order to chaos (Moodle in KS1), TES Magazine 28/9/08
Sept 07 Keynote presentation on learning journeys and learning landscapes for BCS Education and Training Expert Panel Annual Assembly
April 2007 Presentation for Portsmouth Primary IT Conference on primary learning platforms
March 2007 Presentation with Terry Freedman on “Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and More” for RSN-NI
March 2007 Presentation at NAACE Strategic Conference on primary learning platforms
January 2007 Presentation with Terry Freedman for the BCS at BETT2007 on “Social Technologies and Learning in Your Classroom: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and More”; slides online
October 2006 Presentation on Moodle for Midhurst area intermediate and first schools
September 2006 Presentaion on “Personalisation, social learning and the e-strategy” for Curverider conference, Edinburgh. Slides and video online.
August 2006 “Moodle and assessment”, commissioned article for Assessment News 10, the newsletter of Cambridge Assessment Network.
July 2006 “An investigation of the effectiveness of virtual learning envrinomnet implementation in primary education”, dissertation for Leicester University MBA in Educational Management
July 2006 Presentation to MoodleMoot 06 on Naace Learning Platforms CPD toolkit. Slides , report, audio and now video (!) online.
July 2006 Presentation on “Moodle, Elgg and the E-Strategy” for Flossie 06. Slides available online.
Feb-June 2006 Series of seminars for Harnessing Technology: Beyond Tomorrow conferences (NCSL SLICT):“The value of ICT in extending the school” (slides and further material online)
May 2006 Commissioned article, Primary Platform for TES Online (5/5/06) on Moodle
April 2006 Mirandanet presentation on PLEs, VLEs and beyond. Slides online.
April 2006 Commissioned paper on Primary Blogging and paper on Effective E-learning through Collaboration (with Steve Lee) for Coming of Age: an introduction to the new world wide web (ed Terry Freedman).
April 2006 Presentation and seminar (with Mike Partrdge) on Effective Learning Platforms: primary education, personalised learning and social networks. Slides available online.
March 2006 Workshops for Emerging Leaders (NCSL): “Learning Platforms” – slides online
March 2006 Presentation on “Enhanced Teaching with the help of ICT” for Becta at the Education Show
February 2006 Commissioned article for Computer Education (NAACE):Knowledge management in education and the contribution of Virtual Learning Environments”. Text available online.
January 2006 Commissioned article for Literacy and ICT (National Literacy Association): “More than Word…”
January 2006 Presentation as part of HUGToB on the use of Moodle at St Ives; also press release and flyer.
January 2006 Presentation as part of the BCS e-learning working party at BETT on the use of Moodle and Elgg to support the e-strategy (online flash movie)
December 2005 Discussion paper for NAACE MIS think tank: Knowledge management in education and the contribution of Virtual Learning Environments
November 2005 Short article on “How Pupils Use Moodle”, Linux Format 74, p66
Novemeber 2005 HUGToB post: Moodle, open source and social constructionism
October 2005 Schoolforge-UK article: Effective e-learning through collaboration (with Steve Lee)
October 2005 Article for Mathematics Today (IMA): Issues facing the primary sector
October 2005 A virtual learning environment in primary education (Mirandanet fellowship paper).
August 2005 Plenary presentation at Moodle Moot 05 (Saïd Business School, Oxford): An investigation of the effectiveness of Moodle in primary education (slides online)
July 2005 Schoolforge-UK article: open source software for the ICT curriculum
June 2005 Article in Mathematics Today (IMA): Report on BCME-6
May 2005 Podcast interview

with Leon Cych of Learn4Life on Moodle at St Ives.

April 2005 Poster presentation at CAL 05 (University of Bristol): An investigation of the effectiveness of virtual learning environment implementation in primary education

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