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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Shalni Gulati


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Personal Statement

My research focus is on higher education student experiences of e-learning technologies. As a Churchill Fellow, I investigated the drivers and reflections of online learning developments in eight higher education institutions in the USA. This followed my doctoral study at City University London. I investigated how learners constructed meaning during eight online postgraduate courses that emphasised participation in online discussions. It showed that online communication tools enabled some learners to gain a sense of control over their learning, while leaving others feeling isolated and excluded.

Currently, at the University of Oxford I am publishing my research findings and developing proposals to explore the learning experiences of students in different higher education contexts, in different disciplines, that employ online communication tools including Web 2.0 technologies and Second Life. My aim is to extend the understanding of the conditions that give rise to different levels of control due to communication technologies use in higher learning.

ICT Interests

1: Learning in Online and Blended courses (2002-6): Doctorate study investigating postgraduate learner engagement and meaning construction in professional online and blended courses. The research was completed using qualitative and quantitative method and analyses. The results contribute to the developing understanding of knowledge construction using new information and communication technologies. (Award confirmed August 2006)

2: Online learning developments in healthcare education in the USA (2003): Planned and executed visit to nine US higher education institutions to investigate the institutional and pedagogical issues related to online learning developments for healthcare professional education. (Report available online:


  1. Gulati, S. (accepted for publication in 2007) Compulsory participation in online discussions....Is this constructivist or normalisation of learning? Innovations in Education and Teaching International.  RoutledgeFalmer (Volume and Issue to be confirmed).
  2. Gulati, S. (2006) Application of New Technologies in Nurse Education. Chapter 2. In Glen, S. and Moule, P. (eds.) E-learning in Nursing. London. Palgrave.
  3. Gulati, S. (2005) How do international students engage in blended and online learning? Chapter 14. In Garg, S. Panda, S. Murthy, C.R.K. and Mishra, S. (eds) (2005) Open and Distance Education in Global Environment: Opportunities for Collaboration. New Delhi. Viva Books Private Limited.
  4. Gulati, S. (2004) Online learning developments in healthcare education in the USA. Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship 2003 Report. London. April. Published online (Creative Commons Licence) 


  1.  Gulati, S. (2006) Knowledge Construction in online learning. Research proceedings of the Association in Learning Technology Conference 2006. Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Scotland. 5th to 7th September 
  2. Gulati, S. (2005) Using ATLAS.ti to understand how learners engage in online learning. Presentation at the Users Seminar for CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software) at University of Surrey, Guildford. 13th March
  3. Gulati, S. (2005) How do nurses engage in online learning? Paper presented at the Royal College of Nursing International research conference in Belfast. 9th March
  4. Gulati, S. (2005) Online learning developments in healthcare education in the USA. Paper presented at the Royal College of Nursing International research conference in Belfast. 9th March
  5. Gulati, S. (2004) Learning from online learners. Paper presented at Society of Research in Higher Education 2004 Postgraduate student conference at University of Bristol. 14th December
  6. Gulati, S. (2004) Constructivism in online pedagogy and informal learning: a discussion for formal to acknowledge the informal. Paper presented at Universities Association for Continuing Education at University of Glamorgan, Wales. 6th April
  7. Gulati, S. (2003) Opening up lifelong learning. Paper presented at SCUTREA 33rd annual conference at the University of Bangor, Wales. 1st-3rd July
  8. Gulati, S. (2003) Building a case for inclusive online learning. Paper presented at Athens Institute for Education and Research (AT.IN.E.R.) Fifth International Conference in Athens, Greece, May 23rd - 25th 
  9. Gulati, S. & Stanton, M (2002) E-learning (or is it online learning?) in the 21st century. Proceedings of the Partners in Practice 4th Royal College of Nursing Joint Education Forums' Conference. De Vere Hotel, Blackpool. 14th February

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