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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Soraya Faculo


Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects | Publications

Personal Statement

I have strongly advocated ICT in teaching since 2003. It takes risk and courage to change what teachers used to do since 10 years ago. But with strong will, the ICT program is imbibed in the Cordillera Regional Science High School curriculum. I see Integration of technology in teaching and learning as the key toward enhancing achievement of students in the digital age. Powered with the will to innovate, I have collaborated with schools like:Unirea National College, Romania; San Isidro National High School, Maktai; Endrupskolen Denmark and Ebba Peterson PRivatskola, Sweden for telecollaborative activities such as "The Image of the Other", EA Poe in EU Asia and Elliot the Travelling Journalist. Students have worked together, shared opinions, exchanged email, commented on each other's output and built friendly relations with one another. It was a tedious task yet fulfilling as students had to face people from other countries and taking into considerations rules on online communication and cultural considerations. Another project, I am hooked now is the Digital Literacy Program for Parents. There were 16 parents who enrolled and have been tutored on Saturdays. Our DLPP team composed of selected students acted as mentors taught the parents basic computer applications; while, 3 Selected teachers acted as coach. Their graduation from the program shall be on August 31. If we want parents to be real partners in the education of their children, they have to get involved in our programs.

ICT Interests

Recent Projects

Children teach their parents in school "Hanko ammo ti ag operate ti computer ken mabainak ta nalaing jay anak ko nga ada jay second year no shak. Maikadwa,nu apay nga nakinayon ak jay DLPP ket kuna jay anak ko nga ada jay abroad nga ag open kami ti email tapnu makaistorya kami" , (I don't know how to operate the computer. I am ashamed because my child who is in second year is better than me. The second reason why I joined the DLPP was because, my daughter who is an OFW said that we open an e-mail account so we could talk) explains Norma Yap, a parent-participant to the Digital Literacy Program for Parents at the Cordillera Regional Science High School, La Trinidad, Benguet. The DLPP, which is now on its second year of implementation, is part of the school's information and communication technology program which aims to provide sustainable computer literacy to the members of the parents, teachers and community association of the school. As an outreach program, the DLPP extends ICT training to parents to assist their children in technology-related projects and strengthen child-parent-child mentoring on ICT.

"It started with 6 parents last school year who after finishing the workshop were able to graduate the basic computer application course including basic internet skills and this July after the ptca meeting there were 16 parents who confirmed their attendance in the 4 sessions of the DLPP which will start on July 21 onwards," Soraya Faculo, OIC explains. As a child-parent-child program, the DLPP required the students under the Citizenship Advancement Training 4th year class to conduct the workshop. They were assisted by the computer teacher, research coordinator and the CAT adviser in developing the training design and the topics to be covered. This gave the CAT students an opportunity to enhance their presentation skills and let them experience an on the job training which will help them into becoming life long learners.

Yap in an interview says, "Mayat dagyay CAT students ta naanos da ken narespeto da. Awagan dakami ti anti/uncle. Nu adda haan mi nga maawatan ket isuro da step by step. Adu nasurok kasla jay agpadakkel ti letra ken mangcolor ken naming adok nga inaramid ta kunan jay tutor ko nga imaster ko. (The tutors were kind and they addressed us "anti/uncle". If there were points we could not understand, they patiently explained. The student who tutored me did it step by step. I learned a lot like formatting the fonts and I did it many times because the tutor asked me to master it).

In a research conducted by the school on the first year of the DLPP implementation, showed that they have initial trust on the capacity of the student to tutor them. The research also revealed that the parent-participants said that they have acquired considerable knowledge to assist their children in ICT related projects as shown in the significant increase in their scores. Aside from the DLPP, the ICT program includes also a continuous tech-mentoring of teachers and development of ICT-enhanced lessons.


a hackers pleasure: BEWARE

2,730.00 Pounds to be sent thru western union was what the hacker was extorting from everyone in my address book after successfully stealing my email address and blocking me from accessing it on a fateful saturday morning, 31st of January.  The email was written in english.  It said, i was in the UK and was in a hotel where it was on fire, i got stranded and i lost all belongings.  I took it lightly but the weight of the news threw me when  friends and family started calling me up as early as 7AM.   Incidentally, i was giving a lecture to a group of teachers so i didnt have time to check my email  immediately.  Later during the day, i asked Julie, our co worker to check on her email and read to me the details of that scam mail.  It was a letter of a who has no soul.
My brother who stays is LA called up today,sunday as he was very very worried.  He told me that he replied to the mail and said that I call him up and charge him of the call..Then a second email was sent to him still coming from my email and my brother replied :"enkali ka si ifontok nu tet-ewa na"(speak in Bontok if this is true)  and until now he didnt get any response.  Such a disturbing commotion that rocked my sister's birthday party.
What worries me now are the friends abroad who are in my address book and who I pray would not believe that email.
Perhaps at this very minute, this hacker-a virtual terrorist-must be looking for the next victim of his pleasurely pursuits.  He must have collected much from inocent people who were taken away by his emotional drama.


          How are you?  Hope everything is ok?  I just want to know if you can be of help to me. Something terrible happened to me on a trip. I came to visit a new researchers' complex in Wolverhampton, Imperial College, Gallery Section,UK. Well to my utmost Dismay i the Hotel i lodged got razed by fire caused by an electricity spark.i have lost virtually all i have with me (which included my cash, diaries and credit cards). My cellphones were not brought along since I did not get to roam anybody before coming over. The phone cables have been burnt including internet connection cables and the Hotel's database has been compromised as well.I have spoken to the Embassy and they are responding to the matter effectively, and I have also filed a report with the British police.

Please I need you to lend me about $2,730. You should help me have it sent via Western Union Money Transfer so I can re-arrange myself and return back home. I will refund the money back to you once I am out of here . Below is the information you require


Once again i want to assure you this is not an hoax!!immediately you have the money transfered,please help me scan or write out the MTCN Number given to you at the western union outlet.i will be waiting anxiously for your positive response.

Please, kindly let me know if you can be of assistance as I am seriously in need of your help. Thanks and waiting to hear from you.Have a happy and  Prosperous New Year 2009 to you

Soraya T. Faculo
Cordillera Regional Science High School
Wangal, La Trinidad,Benguet
2601 Philippines

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