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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Sarah Quilty


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Personal Statement

My occupation for the last 3 years has been to coordinate an educational technology project in small rural schools in the Irish border counties. We have set out to work with schools where use of technology was low and to support them in developing it into new curriculum areas.

I have about 20 years' experience in the use of computers for (i)database building and manipulation (epidemiology and community medicine at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in London); (ii)general administrative work and in research report writing and publishing; (iii)about 6 years' experience of Internet use for research and in education for teachers and use of e-mail for a variety of administrative and online learning tasks. (iv) desktop videoconference applications e.g. PictureTel.

Recent Projects

Using to support teachers and pupils studying for the new vocational A-level in ICT. The pupils are based in a number of schools and college outcentres around the north west of Northern Ireland in Londonderry and Strabane and will be used to support their learning about online learning communities and preparing website materials.

Case Histories - development support for pupils and teachers in organising new vocational A-level. Thinking Space - network for head teachers in Ireland north and south who are seeking to extend the use of ICTs in their schools. e-mentoring - use of videoconferencing in modern language reinforcement for small rural schools.


Videoconferencing for Modern Languages-An Irish Rural School's Initiative

Small rural schools have difficulty in obtaining continuous support of native speakers of European modern languages - remote geographical locations mitigate against language assistants making regular journeys to such schools.

The Cross Connect project has already piloted French language revision classes using videoconference to a number of remote rural schools in the Irish border regions. In the coming term, a wider project will be undertaken in which regular oral language sessions will be delivered to eight schools on both sides of the Irish border using PC-based videoconference facilities. Support has been obtained from the WELB Modern Languages Advisor and language teachers from two curricular jurisdictions in the EU will co-operate.

Plans are in hand to extend the use of information and communications technologies in supporting oral language work - to encourage e-mail and Internet links with other EU schools.

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