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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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John Galloway


Personal Statement

Personal Statement

I have been using ICT for teaching and learning since I first qualified 25 years ago. Over the last decade or so I have moved to specialise in the use of ICT to improve curriculum access for pupils with special educational needs (SEN). This term covers a very broad area, from those who have physical or sensory impairments, such as cerebral palsy or blindness, to those with particular conditions, such as autism or Downs Syndrome, to those with learning difficulties of some sort - and often a combination of these barriers to learning. I believe that it is in this field that the impact of ICT in offering independence in, and control of, learning is most evident.

My work involves the assessment of pupils and implementation of tailored resources. I also have a broad training brief as it is really through spreading good practice in this area that a long term impact can be made. As well as 'basic' courses in general ICT and specific software I am an NVQ assessor and have written and taught post-graduate modules, including online courses.

Another part of my work involves curriculum development, working alongside specialists from other areas, such as Speech and Language teachers, or Teachers of the Deaf, I run groups to explore ways of broadening and enriching the curriculum for pupils in mainstream schools. These are often at our CLC,  but I have also worked in secondary schools with their staff to develop practice with particular cohorts of pupils.

I have written widely for the education press, taking a particular interest in the use of mobile technology, and in games in education. These areas, I believe, both provide opportunities to broaden and enrich the curriculum, thereby including more pupils in engaging learning experiences more of the time.

We are at a point where we can choose to work with the fast moving tide of technology, embracing the opportunities and new horizons it offers. Or Canute like attempt to staunch it. I, for one, am happy to get my feet wet.

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