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Amnesty International: Protect the Human

Amnesty International

MirandaNet Fellowship is not associated with any political grouping, but we support many of the aims of organisations such as Amnesty International and urge members to look at the AUUK site and see if they agree with these aims as well.

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Brian Lockwood


Personal Statement | ICT Details | Recent Projects | Case Histories

Personal Statement

I have been involved in ICT at Egglescliffe School for most of my career and that time has spanned the whole of the development of the World Wibe Web.

As sophisticated networks have developed in school I have been interested in how networks can be used to help teachers in the difficult job they have to do. Teachers and learners are increasingly demanding and knoweldgable clients for network services.

In my current post I am in the position of managing the delivery of IT services to teachers as well as being a teacher myself. I think that having a classsroom practitioner driving ICT policy within a school is a good way of ensuring that the technical IT departments keep focussed on the fact that they are delivering a service to teachers in the form of processor power and storage. The teacher then shapes how they use these tools in their practice.

ICT Interests

I am very interested in the phenomenon of software as a service and the use of Open Source software in education. The Open source phenomenon  is particularly interesting in the sense of how it helps software evolve into a more and more useful product. As a policy maker I am anxious to allow the staff in the school to use ICT in the way that suits their style and to help them disseminate what works best to other staff.

We are a specialist school in performing Arts and our media departments have been rapidly adopting Apple computers over the past few years. I have had the pleasure of responding to this need by managing a multi-platform school. A phenomenon that has tested my resolve to be market driven in the sense that IT should deliver IT services to the teacher in a form that allows them to use them in the way that best suits them.

Recent Projects

Current or recent projects are the provision of pure Internet Kiosks for students. (Diskless workstation that are purely a web browser and nothing else). A similar project to deliver school wide Video notice boards, the use of class sets of micro-notebooks in the science department and the use of dynamic website technology to disseminate responsibility for our web site to a larger set of administrators in order to help keep it up to date.

Case Histories

I have recently published a Case study on the use of the Eeepc on the OSS website.

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