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Powerful CPD through video and web based tools

IRIS Connect is innovative and unique. IRIS Connect evolved from research into what actually works to improve outcomes for pupils and put the teacher at the centre of CPD and school improvement by empowering them to develop their own practice and that of their colleagues.

By fusing a unique blend of a web based platform and exceptionally versatile video camera systems, IRIS Connect has developed a collaborative CPD tool that enables teachers to reflect on, analyse and share teaching practice.

The IRIS Connect web environment is highly secure and teacher friendly. The flexibility of the system means that, if required, you can even provide live in-ear coaching from within the school, or even another school, through the remotely controlled camera system.

IRIS Connect enables:

The IRIS Connect team has a clear understanding of the ‘theory to practice’ of professional development. From the ground up, IRIS Connect was developed to enable those key interactions which help both teachers and schools move to excellence. IRIS Connect was built to support the development of a trust based learning community with exceptionally high levels of security and teacher permissioning which, together with leadership from school managers, minimises the tensions inherent in using video technology.

IRIS Connect is based at the Innovations Centre, University of Sussex, and is a rapidly growing community in over 400 schools, colleges and universities in England and a growing number in Australia, USA and Europe.

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