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Lightspeed is an engineering company specializing in infrared classroom audio technology. These easy-to-use audio systems are designed to deliver optimum speech intelligibility, overcome classroom noise and provide crystal clear sound to all students regardless of where they may be seated or where the teacher may be standing. In addition, teachers report reduced vocal fatigue, improved classroom management, and increased academic performance without changing curriculum or teaching methods.

Lightspeed technology is firmly based on practice, and currently we are inviting teachers to take part in a new pilot study.

Established in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. manufactured professional wireless microphones used in the entertainment industry. In 1994 Lightspeed introduced a line of high-quality classroom audio systems and made a total commitment to improve the learning environment for students across the country. Lightspeed continues investing in research and development to provide the best technology and most reliable products in the industry.

Lightspeed’s reputation for product innovation, quality, and outstanding service is unmatched. Our popular installed classroom audio systems are primarily used for renovation and new construction projects, while the transportable systems are ideal for existing classrooms. Lightspeed is the only manufacturer offering an all-in-one, no install classroom audio system called the REDCAT, utilizing NXT™* flat-panel speaker technology. To complement all our classroom audio systems, we offer the REDMIKE... the smallest, lightest and most durable infrared microphone in the industry. Lightspeed’s local classroom audio consultants are experienced professionals dedicated to improving the learning environment for all children and providing superior customer service.

*NXT is a trademark of New Transducers Limited.

Mission & Values
Lightspeed Technologies exists to make a significant improvement in the listening and learning environment for all children, and to provide teachers with tools that enhance their ability to maintain attention and manage the classroom.

Core Values

See also our call to schools to participate in a new pilot study.

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