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Former Company Partner

MirandaNet is grateful for support in the past from Promethean. The company sponsored a number of projects which are described on these pages.

Promethean is a global leader and innovator in interactive learning technology that empowers teachers to engage, educate, assess and motivate learners. Developed by and for education professionals, its award-winning products help teachers to prepare digital lessons quickly and easily. The technology enables them to create, customize and integrate text, images, quizzes and tests, web, video and audio content, so they can more easily capture students' attention and accommodate different learning styles.

The company supplies Activboard, the world's most durable interactive whiteboard technology; Activstudio, a software platform for secondary teaching; and Activprimary, the leading whiteboard software designed specifically for use in primary schools and kindergarten. It also offers personal hand-held Activote response units which provide instant polling and analysis to promote learning and teacher productivity. Promethean are committed to supporting effective use of classroom technologies and offer a comprehensive support and professional development service to enable optimum usage and return on investment.

Promethean have in the past supported a MirandaNet Interactive Whiteboard Project (ACTIVambassadors for ACTIVlearning) which spanned 4 countries, and have given generous support in the past to the MirandaNet Interactive Whiteboard Project and the Anglo-Chinese e-Mulan Project.

Promethean Interactive Whiteboards

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