A report into the characteristics of supply teachers

MirandaNet International Research Centre (MIRC)

This research questioned supply teachers about the challenges they face. Initially, research was carried out, through questionnaires and focus groups, to build profiles of the range of supply teachers and teaching assistants and identify their professional development needs. Resources were researched and tailored to match these needs and made easily accessible to teachers and teaching assistants on-line.

The community then extended from a pilot group of supply teachers who developed their e-mentoring skills through a Community Leaders e-teaching course run by MirandaNet in conjunction with the Institute of Education in London. The community leaders were able to provide on-line support to colleagues and help to stimulate the building of an on-line knowledge base about supply teachers’ needs and opinions.

This project has reminded us that MirandaNet should be inclusive of supply teachers and ASTs. If you know any who would benefit from being in the Fellowship, why not suggest they look at our website. The conclusions help to break down some of the stereotypes about supply teachers and suggests ways of using supply teachers creatively.

See below for details of how to obtain the report.

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This evaluation is timely as the MN evaluation of the NOF training concluded that many teachers were unable to take full advantage of the pedagogical training because their skills were not good enough. The findings indicate that teachers found that ECDL for Educators was a good approach to learning computer skills.

Download the report: ECDL for Educators (executive summary)

Download the report: Who are the Supply Teachers? (summary leaflet)
Download the report: Who are the Supply Teachers? (full report)

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