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BETT the educational technology show Come and see us on Stand S97/98 Grand Hall Gallery

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Welcome to MirandaNet at BETT09, 14 -17 January 2009

Come to the MirandaNet stand S97 in its usual place on the first floor in the Grand Hall Gallery, Olympia, London.

If you haven't yet registered for BETT, you can find General Information and register for free by following this link.

Christina Preston and other members of the MirandaNet Team will be available for meetings during the Show.

MirandaModsMirandaMods at BETT09

During BETT09 MirandaNet will be holding a number of themed events. Come along and make a five-minute contribution on video that will be posted during and after the event. If your contribution doesn’t necessarily fit the theme of the day, don’t worry: we’d love to see you there! Please let us know which days you will be at BETT09 so we can look out for you by emailing . You can also use our stand to meet other MirandaNetters.

Wednesday January 14:

11:30 - 12:30 Visual Learning - Multimodal Learning
Annie Taylor: Inspiration
Christina Preston: MirandaNet

14:45 – 15:45 CPD – Critical Incidents
Caroline Daly, WLE Centre, IoE
Christina Preston: MirandaNet
CPD - Critical Incidents - Ideas That Make Things Happen

Thursday January 15:

14:30– 15:30 Project Learning: Visual Learning, Multimodal Learning
Christopher Binns: Oracle Education Foundation
John Cuthell: MirandaNet

Come and tell members about your classroom projects that use digital technologies to enhance learning.

Followed by Andrée Jordan's Seminar on Internationalism in Schools.

Friday January 16:

11:45 – 12:45 Projects in Mobile Learning
Norbert Pachler, WLE Centre, IoE
Rachel Jones and Dewi Lloyd: Steljes

Tell members what mobile learning means in your classroom

Followed later (14:30) by John Cuthell's Seminar on ICT CPD.

MirandaNet Seminar

14:30 – 15:15 Club Room
ICT CPD. What is needed - and what will be its impact in the classroom?
Norbert Pachler, WLE Centre, IoE; Caroline Daly, WLE Centre, IoE; Christina Preston, MirandaNet; John Cuthell, MirandaNet

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