MirandaNet at BETT - a good place to meet

BETT the educational technology show Come and see us on Stand S97/98 Grand Hall Gallery

Welcome to MirandaNet at BETT11, 12th – 15th January 2011

Come to the MirandaNet stand S97 in its usual place on the first floor in the Grand Hall Gallery, Olympia, London.

If you haven't yet registered for BETT, you should explore the BETT web site which is packed with information, and you can register for free by following this link.

MirandaNet at BETT - a good place to meetMeeting other members face to face

Christina Preston and other members of the MirandaNet Team will be available for meetings during the Show, and the stand is an excellent place to meet us and other members face and set up joint projects. Join us on stand, S97, to debate the changing status of teachers in the digital world. This year, in partnership with DfE advisers and Bedfordshire University, our topics are:

On Saturday we have an Open House @ BETT World Ecitizens workshop (Code OH7 Gallery 2) where teachers can meet colleagues to plan international projects.

University of BedfordshireYou should also have a look at the BETT Website - you will be surprised how many MirandaNetters feature on it in one way or another! More news in the next newsletter.

If you aren't to sure what you would like to see at BETT, you should have a look at Terry Freedman's excellent guide on the ICT in Education site.

MirandaNet is being supported on the stand this year by students from the University of Bedfordshire. Follow this link to find out more...

Events at BETT 2011

There will be a MirandaMod event each day at BETT11, exploring the theme of "Teachers as Learners: the changing status of expert professionals". In these MirandaMods we will be debating with the Achievement for All team.

Wednesday 12th January

12:00 — 14:00

Stand discussion: What to look out for at BETT11: a session led by Ray Barker, British Education Suppliers Association helping MirandaNetters to plan their BETT11 programme.

MirandaMods15:30 — 17:00

MirandaMod on Achievement for All: Assessment and Learning
Which Web 2.0 Tools develop teaching and learning effectively?

Registration: mirandamod.wikispaces.com/Bett2011

Thursday 13th January

12:00 — 14:00

Stand Discussion: Can the gaps left by Becta's demise be filled? Christina Preston leads

MirandaMods15:30 — 17:00

MirandaMod on Achievement for All: Pedagogy
How can teachers get the most in today's classrooms from from ICT Tools?

Registration: mirandamod.wikispaces.com/Bett2011

18:00 — 21:00

MirandaNet supper

Friday 14th January

MirandaMods15:30 — 17:00

MirandaMod on Achievement for All: Assessment and Learning
How can Digital Technologies & Data for Assessment, Tracking & Intervention be implemented to increase achievement for all?

Registration: mirandamod.wikispaces.com/Bett2011

18:00 — 21:00

MirandaNet supper

Saturday 15th January

iCatalyst conference at BETT11: Open House @ BETT
Achievement for All: iCatalyst workshop for World Ecitizens
Open House @ BETT area
Code OH7 Gallery 2

This workshop is an opportunity for international teachers visiting BETT11 to share best practices and pool knowledge about how technology might be used innovatively to raise the achievement of learners. The participants in this free event will have to opportunity collaborate with potential partners around the world in the design action research projects designed to support Achievement for All strategies for learning. Action research topics will be Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Technology. The one year projects will be published on the World eCitizens website (www.worldecitizens.net). All pupils and teachers who are involved will receive a World Ecitizens certificate for achievement in international practice.

09:30 Coffee and Introductions

10:00 10:15

Achievement for All - Professor Sonia Blandford

Sharing professional knowledge across countries using Web 2.0 - Professor Marilyn Leask, University of Bedfordshire

10:15 10:45

Shift Happened: what now?
Shift Happens co-author Chris Yapp

10:45 11:30

World eCitizens projects now
Led by Lawrence Williams with teachers from England, Czech Republic, Greece and India

BETT11 MirandaMod programme
Achievement for all theme: Are teachers learners? The changing status of expert professionals

11:30 13:00

Designing World eCitizen action research projects in international groups

13:00 13:30 Lunch

What to see at BETT11 - Joe Willcox's team

13:30 16:00

Touring BETT11

Resources for teachers built up from this programme will be available on these websites: MirandaNet (www.mirandanet.ac.uk) and World Ecitizens (www.worldecitizens.net). Refreshments and resources are being provided by Steljes, Outstream, MatchWare, Oracle, EMAP and Data-Harvest.

Want to join in? If you are able to attend all or some of this event, please RSVP to before the 31st December 2010, if possible with email subject 'MirandaNet Open House BETT11' and I will then send you more details about the arrangements and the refreshments and the venue. You are welcome to bring quests.

How to join a MirandaMod wiki

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  5. Once accepted on the Wiki, you can now add yourself to any of the events by writing your name in the list for either the on-line or the face-to-face events.
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  9. Click on 'Save'.

BETT Registration: if you have not yet registered for BETT11 you can do so at www.bettshow.com/register. Getting a ticket via email will save you queuing at the venue.

BETT Contact details

MirandaNet are again sharing a stand (S96/97) in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), the University of Bedfordshire and Outstream. MirandaNet gratefully acknowledges the support of Besa and Emap.

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