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BETT12 Notes for Speakers and Participants

The theme: What does the ICT community know about how digital technologies can be used to ensure achievement for all learners?

Achievement for AllOver the last 30 years educators all over the world have developed a range of innovative strategies for ensuring achievement for all in schools and colleges and within teacher education. Many of these strategies have made use of digital technologies to improve aspiration, access and achievement for pupils, particularly those with special educational needs and disabilities. Now the international ICT community have a chance to pool all our knowledge at the beginning of a new phase of the Achievement for All programme ( funded by the UK Department of Education. You are invited to prepare a 3-5 min talk or simply participate in the debate…

Please bring a wifi-enabled netbook, smart phone or laptop, if you can, so you can participate electronically during the session. Internet connections are not good at Olympia so Smart phones, netbooks and the use of wifi dongles may be the best option.

The place - 11th – 14th January
Grand Hall Gallery, Room One, Olympia.
The room is opposite the station on the first floor Gallery
Plans attached of the halls.

Address and travel instructions

Arrival times
The exhibition if open from 1000 to 1800 each day and 1000- 1600 on Saturday
Our sessions start at 1200 and 1530 in the week and 1100 and 1400 on Saturday.
At 1300 on Saturday we have our MirandaNet Fellowship awards in the Grand Hall Gallery, Room One.

Entry tickets
You can book a delegate ticket on line at no cost:
This is the best way to get in, as there are often long queues.

The live workshop event
These live workshops are experimental versions of our MirandaMods. Each session will be different depending on the subject and the numbers of people who are registered to join us as participants.

Each session will have an introduction from me about the way the session will be run and an introduction to Achievement for All by one of the regional leaders. Please study the elements of the Department for Education programme that you can find here:

Chairing: The sessions will be chaired by John Cuthell or Christina Preston.

How can you participate?
If you can attend BETT12 you can just join in the debate or register for a named speaking spot in advance. You will have 3 – 5 minutes. However, we prefer you not to use presentation software as this will slow down what is planned to be a fast moving debate.

If you are registered or wish to register we would like you to send your title and bullet points from your talk plus contact details and urls in an email to before the event. Alternatively you can add notes to the digital concept map during or after the event, or write on a 7’ x 5’ index card that you will be provided with during the debate.

The themes
All contributions to the debate and the web resource should have a digital technologies perspective on ways to improve aspiration, access and achievement for pupils, particularly those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Your contribution to the debate at BETT and/or the web resource might be about:

  1. effective practice in the teaching of those who are not reaching their full potential.
  2. effective senior management strategies and international policies that will inform senior managers in schools, clusters, regions and countries
  3. effective practice in the teaching of the teachers who are specialising in vulnerable learners and at risk learners
  4. summaries of, and references to, valuable research findings or policy documents that should influence good practice
  5. inspirational and innovative new ideas for harnessing the power of digital technologies in the support of those with special educational needs and disabilities and vulnerable young people.

Your participation will also be recorded on video and published, unless you withdraw consent. Saturday’s event will be streamed live.

Accreditation for teachers and children
Everyone who contributes to the resource bank and/or the BETT12 debate will receive a MirandaNet certificate of participation in this continuing professional development event.

MirandaNet members who publish a 2,000 resource or multimodal equivalent will be eligible for peer-reviewed MirandaNet Fellowships or Senior Fellowships ( There will be an awards ceremony for those who have achieved Fellowship status on Saturday at 1300 in Room One, Grand Hall Gallery.

If you want to involve your pupils, their ideas and their work can be published on our charity web site, World Ecitizens. Those pupils who publish will receive a World Ecitizens certificate ( (Full names and schools etc do not appear on publications).

Dr Christina Preston
Professor of Educational Innovation
MirandaNet Fellowship

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BETT Registration: if you have not yet registered for BETT12 you can do so at Getting a ticket via email will save you queuing at the venue.

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