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Ict is impacting our life and work

Wei Wang

Year of posting: 2005


ICT impact


ICT is impacting our life and work

Wang Wei

 Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences

1. ICT is impacting our life and work

Now ICT has been changing the ways of our life and work. It is becoming an important part of our life.

 The new way to get the information. Internet is the main way to get the information for me.

 The new way to communicate with each other. In the past, we often use letters and phone to communicate with the others, now I use the e-mail. It is very connivance. Everyday I must to look up my e-mails . 

 The new way of life. We can do everything using Internet, such as booking the tickets, shopping and so on. 

 The new way of work. Now we use computer instead of paper and pens. So I don’t have to go to the office everyday, I can do my work at home. It’s more efficiency.

In particular ICT is impacting our teaching and learning in the schools.

A. ICT is changing the way to show the lesson for teachers. For example, the teachers can use the multimedia to show the content instead of the blackboard. It is more funny and moving for students.

B. Both teachers and students could share the ideas and resources on Internet. In this case teachers and students is becoming more and more equal and democratic

C. Teaching become more and more individually. The students could learn everything not only in the classroom but also in any place at any time, so they learn it actively but not passively. It’s very helpful to cooperate to learn for students using Internet such as e-mail, forum, e-community, chatting and so on.

2.The stages using ICT in schools

 I think, Using ICT in school is a long process for the school. So there is some stage using ICT in school.

Stage1: Computer is regarded as a machine operated by a few of people. It is very far from the teachers and students.

Stage2: ICT is regarded as a technology which more and more teachers and students began to learn it.

Stage3: ICT is regarded as a tool in teaching, some of the teachers enjoy to use it, but also some teachers are afraid of it because they think that it is too difficult to master it.

Stage4: It will be a combination between ICT and teaching. It is not only becoming a part of life for the teachers and students, but also changing the way teaching and learning.

I think that China is on the third stage using ICT in school now. And how to use ICT fully and how to use it to make the students learn efficiently are our main purpose for attending this workshop.


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