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SuYi Plans for Stage 1 Term 1 - March to June 2005

How I plan to use the IWB to teach one focus class

Su Yi

Year of posting: 2005


SuYi Plans for Stage 1 Term 1  -   March to June 2005


How I plan to use the IWB to teach one focus class

This term I plan to use the whiteboard to teach Extensive Reading with a class of English majors. With the whiteboard I can do:

1. At the beginning of my class

1) Show the background knowledge about the article

a) the style
b) the author
c) the purpose of writing the article


2) Introduce the reading skills that may be helpful while reading the article and do some practice

3) Select the new words from the article and show explain them to students


2. During the class
1) after students read the article 1) I will ask some students to come to the whiteboard to explain some languages points, cultural points and some sentences. They may have different understanding and ideas. 2) I will provide some related materials(pictures, articles, books etc.)
2) do some exercises
3) do the speed reading with the vote system
2. The purpose of teaching:

Help the students improve their reading comprehension ability, enlarge their vocabulary, grasp some reading skills.

Be in touch with a large number of reading materials and familiar with different kinds of materials, cultivate the ability of obtaining information quickly, accurately and effectively.

Teaching plan of this term: 19 units

Week 1 Unit 1.
Week 2 Unit 2.
Week 3 Unit 3.
Week 4 Unit 4
Week 5 Revision and quiz
Week 6 Unit 5.
Week7 Unit 6.
Week8 Unit 7
Week9 unit 8
Week10 Mid-term examination
Week11 Unit 9
Week12 Unit 10
Week13 Unit11
Week14 Unit 12
Week15 Revision and quiz
Week16 Unit13.
Week17 Unit 14
Week 18 Unit 15
Week 19 Final examination

We have prepared a room (82.5M2) for the whiteboard.

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