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APPS Grade 6 - Conservation Data Handling Research Project

Gill Barnard

Year of posting: 2005


Grade 6 - Data Handling Research Project (based on Conservation)


1          Aims

To investigate the effectiveness of teaching strategies aimed at raising the pupils understanding, interpretation and classifying of data (ie Data Handling)

            in Grade Six.


2          How the research will help improve teaching and learning

Learners will be able to recognise, describe and represent data and its relationships and solve problems using the correct mathematical terminology.


3          Expected outcomes

Learners will be able to recognise the significance of the data presented in context of the theme.

Learners will be able to draw up/represent a variety of graphs using the data related to the theme conservation.

Learners will analyse/draw conclusions and make predictions based on the data or graphs

Learners will be able to use the correct terminology in a meaningful manner when presenting their findings/observations to their group.

            Learners will be able to use appropriate formulae.

(Summary: The learner will be able to collect, summarise, display and critically analyse data in order to draw conclusions and make predictions, and to interpret chance variation.)


4          Identification of the relevant data that will be collected?

At this point it is envisaged that continuous group assessments of skills and processes will be compared to previously used teaching strategies. (As well as other learners currently in Grade 6)


            Will be clarified close to the time


5          What data will be collect

            Pupil observations



            Class assessments


6          Checking that the data is valid

This will be assessed once the research project is underway.


7          Analyse data and draw conclusions

            This will be clarified at a later stage


8          Time organisation during research and timeline of events

            Teacher organisation  - April

Pupil involvement - 3 weeks (+- 16 May to 3 June. This is the start of our second term)

            Data collection will be during this period as well as the week after.

            The reminder of June will be used for analysis and report writing.


9          Monitoring own learning and professioal development during research

Peer assessment as well as one on one discussions with the headmistress and other teachers involved in the project.


10        Evaluation of research

            As per outcomes


11        Dissemination of research findings to other teachers

            Staff meetings

            School website

            Schools subject meetings

Independent schools Magazine and website

            Marandanet website

Promethean website

(We have already started off by having an Gauteng Ed Dept rep visit the school on Monday?)



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