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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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St. Mary's School, Waverley - progress so far ...

Jenny Ketley

Year of posting: 2005


Interactive Whiteboard Project

(Feb – April 2005)

Training received: Observation at BETT

Workshop at London School of Education

Training given: Demo to Senior School staff

Individual training (hands-on training and assistance in putting actual lessons together)

3 x English staff (12 sessions)

1 x Drama (1 session)

1 x Science (2 sessions)

1 x sport staff (1 session)

Demo to Maths staff

Demo to Junior School staff

Demo for School Board of Governors

Demo for parents attending a school function

Demo for Press/Promethean

Demo for Dominican Convent, St John’s College and Hyde Park High School

Lessons prepared:

Maths – Demo lesson for Press and Maths staff

Form I (Grade 8) Angles (Right, Acute, Obtuse)

Estimating size

Measurement with protractor

Angles in building/nature

English - Poetry lesson, Dylan Thomas

Bibliograohy, and

“Do not go gentle into that good night”

Graphics and sound clips

John Keats – poetry, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”, sourced off the Internet and annotated

Hamlet – using resource library material and annotations

The Tempest – using resource library material and annotating

Literary Essay – planning and constructing a literary essay using the strategies employed in hockey

(hockey field from resource library, graphics of St Mary’s girls to move around field)

Computer Studies - Grade 11 and 12 – All theory lessons

Summaries and annotations

Information Technology - Grade 8 and 9

Modern technologies and features of the IWB

Biology - Heart (using resource library material)

Labeled and students to label

Snakes and Ladders - Primary School – using board and counters from resource library and virtual dice

Hockey - Strategy and positions – using hockey field from resource library, graphics of our own girls to move around on the field

Other lessons simply using the IWB as a “write-on” resource with the added facility of being able to “flip” back to previous pages and to save.

Pupil Feedback - The students have been excited by the technology

They are eager to volunteer to participate in the lesson and to use the IWB themselves

It has energized lessons – both from the student concentration span and participation

They enjoy having a say in the background colours and pen colours used

They like the fact that if they have missed something in the lesson, or have missed the lesson, they can access the material on the intranet.

Generally they love being taught in the auditorium, using the IWB

Behaviour Changes – Concentration span is increased

Student participation and interaction have increased

Students are engaged with the flow of the lesson and the lesson material, as well as the teacher

Students are less easily distracted and have far fewer conversations amongst themselves during the lesson (communication happens within the wider context of the lesson)

Students are going home with “you know what we did today” stories to their parents, who are amazed after having had “How was your day?”/”Fine” conversations for the duration of their child’s senior school years.

The teachers using the IWB are excited about their lessons and using the board

IWB tools used - The teachers are developing in their use of the Activ Studio tools

As they master some, they are curious about what more they could do

Tools to learn - I need to know how one attaches actions to objects on the board

I want to be able to animate objects

Plans for Term 2 - Increase the number of staff using the IWB

Offer support in use of the board and preparation of lessons to more staff

Install more boards in both the Junior and Senior School

Comments: It has been really exciting to be involved in introducing the staff and students to the Interactive Whiteboard. It has generated such an excitement amongst students, staff, governors and parents.

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