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Teacher mentoring

Sarah Fletcher

Year of posting: 2005


Sarah Fletcher

International Consultant in Educational Mentoring
Senior Lecturer in Mentoring and Induction (secondary sector),
Department of Continuing Professional Development,
School of Education,
Bath Spa University,
Newton Park Campus,
Bath BA2 9BN

Personal Statement

I am a passionate teacher and mentor! I taught young people between the ages of 8 and 19  in schools in several parts of England between 1973 and 1994 and my subject areas were diverse – French, Spanish, English, History, Geography, RE, Art and Craft, Maths, Environmental Studies and very occasionally PE (not well!)  I came from the classroom to higher education fired with a desire to hear teachers’ voice valued in higher education.

I was puzzled that much of what I read as a new academic did not seem to be very related to my own experience as a teacher.  I became a mentor in 1992 for overseas teachers in the Licensed Teacher Scheme and as Head of Faculty in an upper school in Bedfordshire soon became mentor to many other colleagues and realised good mentoring is two-way.

It’s almost impossible to say where my personal and professional interest diverge – for I teach what I love and I love what I teach.  My interest in photography has sparked off my use of video and digital stills work in mentoring and my shaky skills in tailoring led me to become a needlework teacher alongside teaching French in a middle school in Suffolk.

My enjoyment of gardening resulted in running a mini enterprise project with children in a school greenhouse, growing plants for sale to parents and lettuces to the school canteen!

I’ve had and, despite illness, continue to have a wonderfully fulfilling career in education.

ICT Interests

My consuming interest is the construction of websites to assist teachers, mentors and students as researchers.  In 2002, I worked with my friend John Hewitt to construct a website at because I had been fortunate to work with almost 70 teachers in total who secured Best Practice Research Scholarships and I wanted to provide them (and me!) with a resource to inform, support and disseminate their work.

I have learnt so much working alongside teachers as an action research mentor and it is a continuing source of excitement for me to see teachers representing their knowledge.

I offer an open invitation to teachers to send me their research so that it can be posted to my website and I am delighted to announce that my website was NGFL badged in 2005.

My intention is to offer opportunities for teachers to learn how to engage with action research through mentoring in a way that will assist them, and their students, to learn.

This summer, 2005, I was offered the opportunity to work with a new group of teacher researchers at Bitterne Park School in Southampton and we agreed that we would work together to create web-based accounts of the teachers’ learning about action research and research mentoring.  We have used the Carnegie Foundation KEEP Toolkit templates and I hope you agree that these teachers’ work in content and layout is simply breathtaking!

You can see further examples on but these 2 really caught my eye:

Essentially my website is my c.v. and my hope and intention is find a way to develop an interactive database for teachers’ research so that it can be engaged with alongside more traditional forms of academic enquiry.  You can see my justification for developing such a resource in the PowerPoint that I co-presented with John Hewitt at Becta’s Research Conference in June 2005 accessible at

My wish, in joining the Mirandanet Fellowship, is to contribute to the pool of research into practice in all aspects of mentoring, using ICT to enable and support communication.


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Public presentations of my research include:

Fletcher, S. and Hewitt, J. (2005) Teachers as Learners and Researchers, Becta Research Conference, Birmingham
Fletcher, S. and Whitehead, J. (2005) How Do our Web-based Resources Reveal Living Standards of Democratic Accountability in our Educational Practices? American Educational Research Association, Annual Conference

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Fletcher, S. (2004) BERA 2004 Annual Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, September 14-18, four papers for presentation:

Symposium convened by Whitehead, J. (University of Bath) Murray, P. (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester) Rev. Je Kan Adler-Collins, Fukuyoka University, Japan. How are my embodied values within my educational multiplicity as a professional educator influencing and influenced by my practice?

Fletcher, S. and Adler-Collins, Je Kan, of Fukuoka University, Japan You are a stranger among us: exclusional practice in research communities

Fletcher, S. How do I perceive changes in educational practice across Japan engendered by action research and mentoring? 

Fletcher, S. and Bognar, B. teacher research mentor in Croatia, Action research mentoring for supporting professional development of teachers as learners: a growth of understanding in English and Croatian educational contexts

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Forthcoming Presentations:

BERA Conference 2005 University of Glamorgan September 14-18 September

Mentoring and Coaching Special Interest Group: Convenor Sarah Fletcher

SIG Business Meeting 14.15 - 15.15 15/09/05

Our proposals have been accepted to present the following papers for the Mentoring and Coaching Special Interest Group

Tadashi Asada and Yuko Uosaki, A Study on the Function of Mentoring in Student Teaching in Japan

Sarah Fletcher, Integrating mentoring and action research into Kounai-ken: teachers' professional development with Japanese abilities

Takashi Ikuta, Case study of the development of student teacher practical knowledge using action research and mentoring

Steven Coombs and Sarah Fletcher, Mentoring, Action Research and Critical Thinking Scaffolds: promoting and sustaining practitioner research through reflective practice.

Supporting Students-as-Researchers using Educational Technology

Presentation: Sarah Fletcher, Karen Collins

Learning about e-mentoring as reflective and reflexive practitioners – first steps

Presentation: Sarah Fletcher (with Diane Allen as co-author, non presenter)

BERA Practitioner Researcher Special Interest Group Conference,

Liverpool Hope University College, Liverpool, Merseyside 15 October

How Do we Collaborate to Initiate and Sustain Practitioner Research?

Proposal in process for a symposium convened by Sarah Fletcher with Steve Coombs, Simon Riding, Karen Riding, Emma Kirby, Donna Chipping and Rachele Morse.

PRAR/CARN Conference, Utrecht, Holland, 4-6 November 2005

New media and new models of continuing professional development

The six related papers in this symposium investigate new models of continuing professional development that promote constructive and co-constructive learning for teachers. All the participants are engaged in the development of communities of practice which rely on the internet for e-facilitated learning and e-publication. The activities of these reflective communities have been researched from a range of perspectives. The international MirandaNet community is explored in depth with three examples of the mode of operation. The MirandaNet model is compared and contrasted with other communities of practice being developed between China, Croatia, South Africa and The Netherlands. Ementoring and efacilitation are Important new skills which have been mastered by the members of these communities. Practice based research is the main teaching method which is discussed where teachers identify an educational problem they would like to solve by using new media as a catalyst for change in teaching and learning. These new kinds of learning require innovative assessment methods. The symposium presents research into the development of a tool kit which can be used to scaffold the project management tasks demanded b=y practice based research.

Sarah Fletcher

Practice based research provides the medium in this paper for professional cultural exchange between colleagues in China, Croatia and across the UK. The focus is on the  web-pages created by teachers as they become action research mentors for one another. Findings indicate practice can be improved by this reflective international interchange.

MirandaNet Members can go to the Log on/off area to edit their own casestudies.

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