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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Proposal: Teaching and Learning 2.0

Dai Thomas

Year of posting: 2005


The conference at the IOE crystallised several ideas I feel. Di Mavers gave a fascinating insight into her work using drawn concept maps as part of the Impact 2 evaluation project. These insights into social semiotics bolstered my own research reading on Sassure and more importantly Peirce and Derrida.


Conversation with my fellow researchers and with both Di and John Potter sounded out the idea that what perhaps the concept map does is capture thoughts as snapshots in time which can then be used to prompt dialogue about one thinking. It is this dialogue that perhaps then helps as a powerful tool towards making meaning, clarifying meaning and assessment for learning.



My work starts to look at the tools that can be used to promote this dialogue and I am interested in how concept mapping can be used as part of an “online tool set” for critical thinking development and assessment for learning. Web 2.0 is a phrase that we hear often now, the very nature of how we are using the internet being changed by interaction and powerful sharing technologies such as Real Simple Syndication (RSS).



collaboration,dialougue,critical thinking,concept maps,web 2.0,blogs,vle,virtual learning


My research question


“How do concept maps and web 2.0 tools help to promote thinking skills in the secondary school”




Target group
Year 10 students studying an Award In Digital Application (AIDA), there is a course requirement to show clearly and explain thinking approaches to problem solving tasks.
· Literature review
· Pre intervention focus group and observational notes
· Post intervention focus group interview and observational notes
· Exemplar concept maps and associated dialogue
· Forum transcripts
· Blog/Journal transcripts
· Motion screen capture and voice over of concept map production
· Summary findings


Equipment and software:
Screencorder: Camtasia
Inspiration Licenses: 5
Digital Voice recorder
Multimedia spec PC/laptop

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