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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Information Literacy and Study Skills Pedagogy

Report on Project for LT Scotland

Michael Lightfoot

Year of posting: 2006


The project for LT Scotland commenced in May 2004 and my involvement came to an end in about June 2005, when the program was at Beta testing stage, and prior overseas commitments meant that I was unable to consolidate my earlier desk research with some work in the field.

The commission, which was carried out under the aegis of Cambridge Training & Development ( CTAD - a member of Tribal Group), was to provide a series of logically related interactive multi-media learning objects (LOs) on Information Literacy and Study Skills for the LTS on-line learning content repository. My task was to work with colleagues at Strathclyde University and LTS to come up with a rationale for the work and I then had to commission half a dozen, or so, writers who scripted the LOs prior to going into production at the CTAD workshop. The paper came out of a series of meetings with colleagues from Strathclyde, some desk research of my own coupled with several discussions with the client to ascertain their real needs.

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