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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Pictures of personalisation

John Cuthell

Year of posting: 2006


The DfES has commissioned BESA to produce a publication for BETT 2007:
Pictures of Personalisation. It will be launched at BESA's International
Conference on 8 January and will be available throughout BETT. Education
Ministers attending the Meeting Young Minds forum will also be given the

The publication will focus on how 'personalised learning' is being
achieved throughout the world, at all stages of education, using a range
of approaches and technologies. The publication will consist of case
studies. Members are being asked to provide case studies about how their
ICT content, equipment or approach has contributed to the
'personalisation' of learning in an overseas country, or in England.

Each case study should address the following:
* What we were trying to achieve
* ICT used to achieve this
* Level of preparation and support required - issues involved in
* Context (150 words)
* Case study (500 words)
* How to support SEN, gifted and talented, etc. in
whole-class/group context
* How we knew this was successful - in terms of both teaching and
* What was learned - to help others personalise learning, e.g.
teaching tips, organisational issues, motivational elements
* Photographs/visuals will be needed
* References/Bibliography/Further reading
The areas under consideration will be:
1. Europe
2. North America
3. South America
4. North Africa
5. Sub-Saharan Africa
6. India
7. Australasia
8. Asia Pacific
9. Russian Federation
10. China
11. Middle East
12. England

The file 'Personalisation pro-forma' can be downloaded and used as a template. (Click on the link 'Download my Professional Study'.)

[You can download this casestudy]

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