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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Tools for Transformation: The Impact of Interactive Whiteboards in a range of contexts

John Cuthell

Year of posting: 2007


 The use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) has had a marked impact on both teacher and learner behaviour and expectations (Cuthell, 2005). To date, much of the literature has reflected small-scale studies, with much of the evidence being ethnographic in nature (Glover et al, 2005; Smith et al, 2005). This paper looks at evidence drawn from the first phase of a three-year international longitudinal study of schools in China, Mexico, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Evidence is drawn from teams involving six universities, pupils, teachers, teacher-educators, curriculum advisers, policy makers and educational journalists to evaluate the impact of the technology and its affordances on a range of factors: attainment; concept formation, behaviour, attendance, motivation, collaborative learning, pedagogical styles, materials development and change management.



impact on teaching and learning classroom transformations

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