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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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An interactivist e-community of practice using Web 2:00 tools

A paper presented at SITE 07 by Christina Preston and John Cuthell

John Cuthell

Year of posting: 2007


 This paper explores emergent modes of communal and constructive digital knowledge building adopted by the MirandaNet: Fellowship. This  professional e-community of practice, established in 1992, promotes transformational pedagogies. The literature study examines the comparisons and contrasts between MirandaNet and other communities of practice. The data covers MirandaNet situated practice in 2006. Using Web 2:00 tools has increased interactivity and impacted on the quality of the knowledge building. Findings show collaborative strategies in cross-posting with other e-communities leading to action on policy.  The paper concludes that members are practising a form of web-based self-regulating practice which is not only dedicated to building knowledge within the group, but beyond. In particular, the Fellows are influencing global commercial agendas in a time scale which would not be possible through the use of non-digital modes for knowledge and policy building discourse.

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