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A Survey of Teacher Inclusion of Graphic Organizers in Classroom Instruction

Erin Antonius

Year of posting: 2007


This study surveys teacher use of Graphic Organizers in their classrooms. It reviews research on the effectiveness of Graphic Organizers with students. It examines how visual learning techniques are supported by theories like dual coding and multiple intelligences. Experimental research also supports an increase in retention and in test scores when graphic organizers are introduced. Computerized graphic organizers are included and show that they positively affect student scores. A survey was conducted with 62 teachers who are currently getting their Masters of Education at George Fox University. These teachers respond to a 14 question survey ranging from fill-in-the blank demographic questions to open ended questions on their application of Graphic Organizers. The results found that a majority of teachers did include graphic organizers in their classrooms. Elementary school was the highest level of inclusion. A number of educators responded that they include graphic organizers in their classrooms. Questions for future study might focus on Special Education teachers, student use interactively versus teacher use for presentation, and student assessment when graphic organizers are used.


mapping, graphic organizers, organisers, classroom instruction


"SURVEY OF TEACHER INCLUSION OF GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS IN CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION," a Master's research project prepared by ERIN ANTONIUS in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Education degree in the Educational Foundations and Leadership department.  This thesis has been approved and accepted.

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