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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Visual Learning

A joint project with the Naace Community

John Cuthell

Year of posting: 2007


MirandaNet worked with the Naace community during the first part of 2007 to develop resources to support visual learning. Members contributed ideas, resources and suggestions to one of the MirandaNet discussion forums, and these were then consolidated into a knowledge bank for Naace members.

All of those involved in the Inspiration project supported this work, and the transfer of knowledge and expertise informed both the Naace Knowledge Bank and participants' projects.

Conversations in the Discussion Forum can be read here. They may well be of use to colleagues across a wide range of disciplines and educational phases.



Following the link below will take you away from the Ejournal to another Inspiration map which links to the various forum discussions. There are further links to other visual learning resources. You can always return to the Ejournal using the left-hand menu links.

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