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Reflecting Education Academic Papers

Links to papers published outside the Ejournal

Christina Preston

Year of posting: 2007


Visitors who have an interest in more academic approaches to classroom practice can follow up the references to longer papers in the ‘Reflecting Education' companion volume called ‘Fascinating cultural objects: multimodal mapping in teaching and learning' ( This e-journal is an interdisciplinary professional online journal of evidence-informed practice where the practitioners have looked in more depth at the theoretical issues that underpin mapping. The writers who have presented longer versions of their paper in Reflecting Education are Rojas-Drummond and Anzures Tapia, Nigel Riley, John Ralston and Deidre Cook, and Wilma Clarke. In this volume of papers there are also contributions from some well known theorists writing for teachers: Buzan who invented mind mapping; Novak, Canas and Ahlberg, who are associated with concept mapping and Kress and Mavers, who consider maps to be a new way of communicating through signs.


academic papers reflecting education


These articles have been published in Reflecting Education


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