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The impact of an Internet-based learning resource on pupil attainment in Vocational Business Studies

Toby Holman

Year of posting: 2009


This report attempts to analyse the impact of an Internet based learning resource on pupil attainment in VOCATIONAL Business Studies.  I hope the research illustrates the potential of such a resource on pupil attainment and the interest it creates in the subject.  While this research surrounds only one school and two intake classes, it is hoped that the results can be used to help teachers of other subjects appreciate the role of Internet based learning technologies in Post-16 education.



The focus for this research are two Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education (VOCATIONAL) Business Studies classes - one in year 13 studying for their A2 (Cohort A in this report), and the other in year 12 studying for their A2 certificate (Cohort B in this report). Both are similar in size (20 and 17) with near identical profiles (average GCSE score, male / female ratio, ethnicity, predicted attainment, attendance) and, when completing their two assignments, used the same coursework questions but with different companies.

Objectives and Hypothesis

Through completing this research, I hope to illustrate to other teachers in the school that time invested in transferring resources to the Internet can benefit both pupil and teacher and results can improve as a result.

The key research question I hope to address is: ‘Does the introduction of an Internet based learning resource have an impact on pupil attainment in VOCATIONAL Business Studies'.  To investigate beyond this key question, other questions that attempt to find more detail information about cause and effect. The research will also look at:

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