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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Harnessing Tools Desingned To Support Teaching, To Support Learning

Pallister J B UKAN-SKILLS project, Mayes P Teesside University

John Pallister

Year of posting: 2009


This is a joint report by John Pallister and Paul Mayes.

The learning environment provided by schools is now complemented by environments enabled by technology. If learning is metered-out and controlled by teachers in a ‘traditional learning environment’ during school hours, the learner can now access learning opportunities whenever they want to, as long as they have internet access; the required skills and the motivation. The boundaries between formal, planned learning and unplanned learning are likely to evaporate as the internet increasingly provides, and is recognised as providing a spaces and a tool-sets capable of supporting learning.


personalised learning


Download the full report (Word, 61KB).

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