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MirandaNet Fellowship Casestudy

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Models and theories in relation to working with people and ICT: Evaluation of Courses

Evaluation of Courses

Allison Allen

Year of posting: 2011


Working with adults in varying contexts and at different stages of their career means that they learn differently and respond to training differently.  This is complicated further by the topics that are involved – for example in a relatively short period I may consult or train on; curriculum, accreditation, infrastructure, TUPE, Self Review Framework (SRF), visioning, teaching and learning (T&L), management structure, e-safety, assessment,  change management, Learning Platforms, continuing professional development (CPD), development planning, emerging technologies, legislation, data, data analysis, servers, Shibboleth and so on.  These consultancies may be with Headteachers, Senior Management Teams, teachers, Teaching Assistants (Learning Support Assistants), advisers, technicians, suppliers, government/local government, other industry and these may be individuals, groups or conferences.

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